Asahikawa Airport Information
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□ Ground Transportation(cars/rental cars/taxis/buses)
Airport Surroundings Car/RentalCar Access

JR Station

Distance from Asahikawa JR Station
about 15km
Required time from Asahikawa JR Station
about 30 minutes


Distance from Sapporo
about 141km
Required time from Sapporo
approx. 2 hours 20 minutes
(when using Expressway)


Asahikawa Airport TEL No.
Asahikawa Airport Address
16-98, Higashi 2 sen, Higashikagura, Kamikawa, Hokkaido
Car Rentals at Asahikawa Airport Car Rental Information

Car Rentals

□ Car Rentals TEL No.
・ TOYOTA Rent A Car :0166-83-3701 ・ Times Car Rental :0166-83-4670 ・ HONDA Rent A Car :0166-83-0088
・ NISSAN Rent A Car :0166-83-3923 ・ ORIX Rent-A-Car :0166-83-5757
・ NIPPON Rent A Car :0166-83-0919 ・ World Net Rent-A-Car :0166-83-2525
Taxi Service TAXI Access

JR Station

Distance from Asahikawa JR Station
about 15km
Required time from Asahikawa JR Station
about 30 minutes
Fare Range
approx. \5,200 (small taxis)
[Fare Range(small taxis)]
Asahiyama Zoo Asahidake
Asahikawa Medical University Biei Station
\4,400 \12,500 \3,800 \4,000
Sounkyo Furano Station Tokachidake(Mt. Tokachidake)
\19,500 \13,000 \14,000
・Privately Owned Taxi
Bus Service Bus Access

Bus Service

Airport Shuttle Bus Bus Stop Destination Travel Time(minutes) Fares(Yen)
Bus Stop ① Asahikawa City approx. 30-40 minutes \630(Asahikawa Station)
[Local Bus]
Local Bus Bus Stop Destination Travel Time(minutes) Fares(Yen)
Bus Stop ① Asahikawa City about 35 minutes \630 (Asahikawa Station)
Bus Stop ② Asahiyama Zoo about 35 minutes \560
Bus Stop ② Furano Station about 60 minutes \790
Bus Stop ② Asahidake (Mt.Asahidake) about 50 minutes \1,020
Bus Timetables Bus Timetable
□ Bus Timetables To/From Asahikawa Airport

Bus Timetables

Asahikawa station/Asahiyama Zoo/Asahidake
Bus Timetables To/From Biei,Furano Station・Asahikawa station
  • Lavender Bus
  •  Asahikawa Airport to Biei/Furano
  •  Asahikawa Airport to Asahikawa City(Lavender Bus)
Passenger Info & Svcs
Variety of services Free SIM "WAmazing" .
The start day : Jun19, 2018 10:00AM (JST)
“WAmazing” is a service to get free SIM card at the Asahikawa airport.
You can use internet with this SIM, up to 15 days, within 500MB.
Moreover, it’s easy to reserve hotels and tickets, also get information smoothly. (You can extend your period of use and amount of data if you pay an additional fee.)
This service for mainly people are living in China, Taiwan, Hongkong. (as of June19, 2018)

How to get free SIM Before leave your country
1. Please download the app in your country, then get a QR coad.
2. Please register as a member for that. (It’s free)

After arrival at the Asahikawa airport
1, Please get a SIM card from “WAmazing machine”.
2. Please enjoy internet services.
Acceptable OS iOS(iPhone)/Android (iOS only in China)
WAmazing SIM
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
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    Q1. Does Asahikawa Airport(AKJ) have a bank or a post office?

    AKJ does not have a post office. ATM(SEVEN BANK) is located at arrival hall on the 1st floor. ATM(HOKUYO BANK) is located on the 2nd floor. The mail box is located outside Exit 1. Stamps, Post cards and Revenue stamps can be bought at Azeria on the 2nd floor.Floor Map The credit cards issued in foreign countries cannot be accepted.
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    Q2. Does AKJ have a foreign currency exchange machine?

    AKJ has a foreign currency exchange machine.
    Open: 7:55am Close: 8:00pm
    currency foreign currency →JPY(USD,AUD,CNY,THB,KRW,HKD,TWD)
    JPY→foreign currency (USD,CNY,KRW,TED)
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    Q3. Does AKJ have a baggage storage?

    AKJ does not have a baggage storage. There are lockers at departures and arrivals lobby on the first floor. Floor Map
    location size number price size(cm)
    departures small lockers 16 \300
    (D)57 ×(W)35 ×(H)43
    medium lockers 4 \400
    (D)57 ×(W)35 ×(H)88
    arrivals small lockers 3 \300
    (D)56 ×(W)30 ×(H)56
    large lockers 3 \600
    (D)56 ×(W)30 ×(H)116
    snowboard lockers \100
    ski lockers (winter season only) \100
    When using lockers more than 3days, please call at the AKJ office,(phone number:0166-83-3939) or come to the information desk on the first floor.
    The biggest lockers are located at arrivals lobby.
    It's possible that the airport staff may open the lockers without permission for security reasons.
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    Q4. How do I check on a lost item?

    Please contact the following numbers.
    [lost or forgot an item on a fright]
    Air Lines arriving flights at ASAHIKAWA(AKJ) arriving flights at HANEDA(HND)
    Japan Air Lines 0570-025-071 03-5756-3400
    All Nippon Airways 0166-83-4700 03-6428-3799
    Air Do 0166-83-4700 03-6428-9719
    Asiana Airlines 03-5812-6600
    Eva Air 0166-83-5152
    China Eastern 011-242-1258
    Spring Airlines 0570-666-188
    [lost or forgot an item in a terminal]
    ・information counter in Asahikawa Airport 0166-83-3716
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    Q5. Does AKJ have shops/restaurants?

    8 Shops are located on the 2nd floor. DFS is located at the international departures area on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor restaurants prepare Sushi, Soba, Ramen and Japanese and western foods. Two fast-food restaurants are located on the 2nd floor.
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    Q6. Does AKJ have a nursing room?

    A nursing room is located on the 2nd floor. Click here There is a hot water supply. 10 changing stations are conveniently located throughout the Terminals. There is not a nursing room or a changing station in the international deaprtures area.
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    Q7.Does AKJ have a drugstore/a medical clinic?

    AKJ does not have a medical clinic.
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    Q8. Does AKJ have a lounge?

    On the 2nd floor, there is a lounge which can be accessed by paying a fee. Also there is a meeting room on the 2nd floor.
    Lounge "SORA" \500/2 hours ※There is no free airport lounge. ※Over 13-year-olds can use this lounge. There are work desks with power outlet, but no internet socket outlets.
    meeting room rates (26 chairs ・10 desks) \6,480/2 hours (2 hours minimum)
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    Q9. Does AKJ have internet services?

    AKJ is pleased to offer free Wi-Fi for you to stay connected while traveling through our airport. To access, simply access the "asahikawa-airport". There is no coin operated PC and printer.
    asahikawa-airport Free of charge
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    Q10.Does AKJ have a FAX/Copy machine?

    A self-service machine is located on the 2nd floor. Floor Map
    Copy Fee color \100/sheet Black-and-White \20/sheet
    Fax Fee \100/sheet ※1
    ※1send only/domestic only
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    Q11.How much is the parking fee?

    Hourly Parking Rates at AKJ free for the first hour \100 each 1hour \500 maximum for each 24 hours
    Daily Parking Rates at AKJ \500 for each 24 hours
    ※ The disabled and motor cyclists rate is half the normal rate. Please show me your disabled identification card. ※ Please contact us if you park the car for more than 14 days.
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    Q12. Are there any wheelchair/stroller rental?

    It is best to reserve wheelcairs/strollers in advance of a flight departure or arrival by contacting your airline. Wheelchair assistance also may be requested at airline ticket counters. When you come to AKJ to see somebody off or on a field trip, please come to the information desk on the 1st. Floor.
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    Q13.Does AKJ have a prayer room?

    On the 3rd floor, there is a prayer room. Please check the floor map, and confirm the document. Restaurnt “Tiffany” has muslim friendly meals. Please check this for details.

[Airlines and Flights]

Japan Air Lines(JAL)
7:00-20:00 HANEDA
All Nippon Airways(ANA)
(mobile phone)
6:30-22:00 HANEDA
Asiana Airlines
8:00-19:00 INCHEON
Eva Air


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